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I have tried to include a full list of everything you will need to build the robot, many of these items will be relevant to most robotics projects. Green = Required. Yellow = Recommended. Pink = Optional extras.
  1. Arduino Mega 2560 (R3). An Arduino Uno would work just as well. Most micro-controllers will work fine for your robot, however these tutorials are designed for Arduino. Price ~ £10-£30. 
  2. Arduino Mega 2560 (R3) Protoshield. Means any soldered connections are on a replaceable board, less chance of damaging your Arduino. Price ~£2 - £10. Recommend: shield+mini breadboard on for only ~£3.50.
  3. Breadboards.
  4. Soldering iron and solder.
  5. Wire.
  6. Male-Male connectors.
  7. 6v battery pack (4x AA)

  1. LCD.
  2. US Transceiver.
  3. Bluetooth Module.
  4. USB Battery pack
  1. SD Module
  2. GPS