Sorry, this page is a still a little empty at the moment. 

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on a small robot using an Arduino. I have written a short blog of the development on this page. I have a further set of tutorials on another site which I will merge in the future. 

I am controlling the Robot via bluetooth from my own Android app.

On the left is a birds eye view of the robot, a quick overview of each of the sections is below.
1. Battery Holder - This holder holds 4 AA batteries to supply 6 volts to the quadruple H bridge(3).
2. Arduino and ProtoShield - I am using an Arduino Mega2560 microcontroller with a shield to solder to.
3. Quadruple H bridge - This is being used to switch the directions of the motors.
4. Ultrasonic transceiver - This is being used to detect obstructions in front of the robot. 
5. Bluetooth Module - Connects to other bluetooth devices such as phones or computers to use them as remote controls.
6. Breadboard - Used to make easy connections between multiple devices. 

The robot chassis is available to purchase from a large selection of online retailers. It has two independent motors connected to individual wheels, the other end has a multi-directional ball which enables the robot to rotate on the spot. The array of holes in the plastic allows for easy attachment of devices to both layers.

2) Hardware