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Tutorial Two

The basics of the Python IDLE
This tutorial is for the Python IDLE (GUI) - Graphical User Interface

The IDLE should look like the screen shot on the left.
When you launch the Python IDLE (GUI) it will open the Python shell, Even though you can program in this window (Screen shot on left) it runs in real-time. This means you can only program one line before it runs it. To solve this problem we need to open a new window.

To open a new window: Click-  File > New Window
Or Press [CTRL] + [N]

When you open a new window you will see the window like the one on the left.
This new window will allow you to write multiple lines of code before compiling it, and allows you to open and save you programs.

To run your code simply Click-  Run > Run Module  Or [F5]
and it will run in the original Python shell.

Now you need to start programming.