To install my android apps to your device simply click the download arrow next to the version you wish to install then when the file has been downloaded just click the file. The android .apk installer should open allowing you to select to install the app.

How to get my MSB software working:

YouTube Video

Go full-screen to see the captions

Click on the images to enlarge them.

1) Go to the 'All software page'

2) Choose the software that you want to download.

3) Download the software by using the download arrow.

4) Locate the files you have downloaded (In Google chrome this will be in the download folder, Internet explorer asks where you want to save the files).

5) Double click the program (.exe) and it will ask you if you would like to extract the files; 
Click "extract all".

6) Double click the program and then click 'Run' on the pop up.

7) Enjoy my software :)

If you need more assistance please contact me