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Megaminx Solution Guide


This guide aims to give a detailed solution for anyone looking to solve the megaminx - It is assumed that you know how to solve a normal Rubiks cube and are familiar with how cubes work. The megaminx is more complicated than normal cubes so you may need a little patience to master it.

So mix up your dodecahedron - There is no turning back (Well technically there is but it will be a little difficult)

Step 1 - Solve the bottom face

Step 1a - Put the edge pieces in position
Although you can choose to start with any colour face, for this guide I will start with the white face first - it may make it easier for you if you do the same.
So start off by finding the white hexagon centre. This step should be easy, all you must do is move the edge pieces (They pieces which look like two triangles end to end) onto the white face in the correct order.
This will leave you with a white star, with the other side of each of edge pieces being the same colour as the middles on their respective side.
I'm not going to include a detailed description for this stage as its the same as for the 3x3 cube. If you have a piece in position but the wrong way round then set that side as your front face with the white face as the top face -  then Simply do F' U L' U'
Step 1b - Put the bottom corners in position
This is the same as a normal cube, simply move then lock the corner pieces into position. You might need to flip the pieces which is simple enough with all the other faces being unsolved.
This will leave you with a complete white face and the first row of the lower middle layer.

Step 2 - Solve the 'Lower middle layer'
Step 2a - Put the lower middle edge pieces in position
The next step is to position for edge pieces for the lower middle side - this can be done using the normal 3x3 cube method; Position the edge piece to be put into place above its own colour centre - The to move it down to the right do the following: U R U' R' U' F' U F (I think)

Step 3 - Solve the 'Central middle layer'

Step 4 - Solve the 'Upper middle layer'

Step 5 - Solve the top face
Step 5a - Get the edge pieces looking upwards
Solve like a normal cube - Use F R U R' U' F'. If you have an arrow head of three setup then put the two on the left and the single on the right and use the formula. If you have 
Step 5b - Move the edge pieces to the correct positions
If you have 2 so
Step 5c - Move the corner pieces to the correct positions
The following formula will cycle the back three corners, hence if you have two solved corners then place them at the front when you start. 
U R U' U' L' U U R' U' U' L U
Step 5d - Get the corner pieces looking upwards
This stage is dependent on how many corners you already have looking upwards, although the formula is the same. Simply move the first unsolved corner on the top front right edge, with a solved one on its left if you have one. Now repeat the following formula until the corner is facing upwards correctly: R' D' R D. When the corner is correct rotate the top face (U) so the next unsolved corner is on the top front right and repeat the formula again until the corner is orientated - repeat for all unsolved corners and the megaminx should be solved!!!


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