Change Log


Graphing speed, rpm and current?
Better file exporting?
Emailing file?
Live upload rate?
Display current lap time?
Check how GPS tolerance changes work

Latest release: 'V83' [VER]

Version code logic: Handler system . major functions . minor functions . tweeks and UI changes (From version 54)
V86_test_D - [Ver] Added call to update simple display before complex if in complex mode. Moved raceactive checking to separate function
V86_test - [Ver] Added server table selection menu and added additional classes for code management. Attempted fix for voltage warning. Resized GPS status
V85(B) - [Ver] Working live uploading but no way to select table etc.
V84 - [Ver] Added server uploading as test - doesnt connect properly.
V83 - [Ver] Set 'Calculate amphours' to false on start as written new Arduino code which is more accurate. Added voltage warning (NEED TO CHECK THAT THE VOLTAGE STAYS HIGH BEFORE THE APP IS ON)
V82 - [Ver] Removed logo to fix bug on low resolution devices
V81 - [Ver] Added resizing and updated data labels.
V80 - [Ver] Added simple and complex UI's for different driving styles.
V79 - [Ver] Fix lap amphours readout. UI update.
V78 - [Ver] Fix rockingham inverse max start position.
V77 - [Ver] Fix rockingham start position. Fix formatting on TTS lap data. Removed RPM.
V76 - [Ver] Fix values hidden by imagebutton logo.
V75 - [Ver] Connect button enlarged. Amphours calc now added to recording. TTS speaks after entering values. Race length no longer preset. Race time messages read out battery percentage.
V74 - [Ver] Voice enabled status added
V73 - [Ver] Graphical update
V72 - [Ver] Graphical test version
V71 - [Ver] Graphical test version
V70 - [Ver] Graphical update, including icon and buttons.
V69 - [Ver] Added new preset values a few are still missing
V68 - [Ver] TTS engine update
V67 - [Ver] TTS Engine added.
V66 - [Ver] DUNSFOLD added. Amphours improved. UI update.
V65 - [Ver] Added formatting to amphours
V64 - [Ver] Calculates amphours due to arduino bug. Can be turned off but on by default, needs testing.

Tolerance updates, fix lap hours, fix formating amphours, 

V60 - [VER] Laps display visibility fix.
V59 - [VER] Tolerance update. 
V58 - [VER] Attempt to fix time calculation bug, attempt to fix laps text being hidden.
V57 - [VER] Moved dialogs to launch, adjusted tolerances and changed logic. ADDED PRESET VALUES FOR BEDFORD circuit. 
V56 - [VER] Added button to launch features to adjust GPS lap tolerances, force Location set state and to reset max speed and average speed
V55 - [VER] UI upgrade to fix out of alignment everything re-centered. Time logic updated as Satelite location was returning date to, so using system millis since epoch to work out differnce.
V54 - [VER] Added settings and logic for using speed as setonstart (might not be active in justgps mode) slight UI tweak and added logic for skipping repeat dialogs on connection.
V53 - Additional logic for preventing using setonstart in justgps mode. Improved status displays.
V52 - UI update for full BT mode. 
V51C - Additional logic for setNow function, including not settting if no location. Additional logic and status display for location being set, and changed to location enabled and status. 
V50 - New logic checks to stop setNow function from counting as lap. Fix laptimes. Added lap dialog on normal connect mode.
V49 - New dialog when justGPS is pressed, checks for laping the points you enter, new laprecording added and updates to gpsrecording and telemetry recording so all are updated on lapping. UI upgrade to display the new recording and lapping data. Version B fixes laptime hidden glitch, fixed dialog not launch. Version C fixes add dialog scrollview.
V48 - Fix EROS error
V47 - Fixed Mean display hide, just GPS button relocated. (DATA SAVE ERROR, EROS directory)
V46 - Added mean speed display, and altered display of GPS stats on launch screen.
    V45G - Changed long to double. But GPS commented out; V45H - GPS active
V45 - Further GPS data enhancements including lon and lat saved to gps file, option to run gps without bluetooth (mainly testing purposes) max speed displayed, average speed displayed. 
V44 - GPS data recorded as: MPH SPEED,HHMMSS/n and saved if and when telemetry data is stored, should also email.
V43 - GPS Handler now updates a maxspeed field as a test for further versions (NO OUTPUT THO)
V42 - App now has no action bar to increase screen space. Popup dialogue added if GPS and/or recording disabled. Status bar now has status of bluetooth, GPS and recording. - LIKELY TO HAVE MISSING VALUES OR LACK OF STATUS UPDATES. Dialogues need testing.
V41 - GPS working - Converted to mph and round to 2 decimal places.
V40 - Still using original GPS from V38. Fixed file saving when no data present.
V38 - First GPS test- Likely to be unstable. New permission added and gps listener for speed.
V37 - PWM search reenabled - index changed to 6 (from 0). Recording enabled should default to true. Warning message if deselected on connection. Screen locked landscape.
V36 - current search timer doesnt work still (needs test for data being parsed). Data now saved to file when you select email data, or when the bluetooth is disconnected - Due to loss of connection of from cancel button.
V35 - Still using current search for timer (Needs test). File saved with date and time stamp. (Considering using device name in next build)
V34 - Request Timer works well. New Current search for timer start. New file saved on sending email of data - Doesnt check for existing file and has fixed name so file needs moving between uses<<
V33 - Sting search for PWM. (Didnt work, auto starts on connect, PWM format must be differnt)
V32 - Uses V31 timer. New PWM search for timer start. UI search improvement.
V31 - New timer to replace broken timer in V29/V30 - searches for PWM to start countdown on screen on button press. TEST - likely to be unstable.
V30 - Uses new timer - searches for PWM to start countdown on screen on button press. TEST - likely to be unstable.
V29 - New timer test - Stable (S)
V28 - UI improvement - Increase text contrast. Respaced for smaller phones
V27 - Attempt at UI improvement
V26 - Attempt at UI improvement
V25 - Still needs timer (Countdown is currently sending RA) - Fixed spacing between text. Stable <<<<
V24 - Still needs timer - fix crash on launch
V23 - Still requires permeant timer and handler - Cast labels and units to string to fix numbers
V22 - Still requires permeant timer and handler - another attempt at decoding the buffer reader characters.
V21 - Timer reprogrammed to make stable - reader been programmed to display ASCII - needs testing. Textout now doesnt clear upon autosend. Request data is now RA.
V20 - NOT stable due to timer without handler!
V19 -
V18 -
V17 - App now has timer- requests data every 100 ms by sending "R0" (R zero) once start button clicks. Counts down for an hour.
V16 - On bluetooth connection, "Startdata" is sent to the device - to trigger the device to start sending. (NOTE: S is capital)
 V15 - Textboxes changed. [CURRENT],[VOLTAGE],[AMPHOURS],[RPM],[TEMP]
 V14 -Textboxes now update with label to reduce serial data size - Parameters outlined in file below!