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Carnival Rag

Carnival RAG Android App

Currently published on the Play store.
An android app to keep users upto date with current Carnival RAG events, fundraising totals and links to purchase tickets. 

Unstable Alpha builds available to download below. Please see the terms and conditions before continuing. 

Build Version Log:
V23 - Minor text changes. Server links updated to read from appsite.
V22 - Initial launch logic
V21 - Dialog button fix for both dialogs (7.0+ bug). Caching mode set to all pages, settings option can be used to change. Webview manual caching algorithm updated. [Suggested final build- need updated files to test]
V20 - Dialog button fix for 7.0+
V19 - Event image bug fix [TEST WITH MULTIPLE IMAGES]. HTML manual text caching added for base64 storage. Caching option added to settings menu.
V18 - Latest event offline caching added. NPE bug fix.
V17 - Event image caching.
V16 - Added offline save logic. About and Committee pages updated. Image saves next
V15 - Firebase working and latest event coming from main file.
V14 - Added additional manifest permissions. Added subscribe to events
V13 - Added custom notification logic to firebase service. Needs testing. Changed about and charities webview for testing
V12B - Added firebase service override class. Gradle build dependices added. 
V12 - Added Firebase notification service. Added latest event logic to main menu - need server side agreement before adding client code. (Not working 7.0)
V11 - Updated totaliser. Added links on more page, starts email intent. Main menu still needs adding. Committee and charities need adding.
V10 - Added webviews for about and committee page. Build custom view for totaliser. Added logo to more page. NEED LINKS ON MORE PAGE AND UPCOMING ON MAIN PAGE.
V9 - Removed custom alpha animation and used animation style from android anim. Applied to Dialog. Tested on Nexus 5 AVD (6.0) and S7edge (7.0).
V8 - Added custom alpha animation to splash loading dialog. View object error meant dialog didnt dismiss, animation end not called or child incorrect.
V7 - Fix bottom padding issue with CoordLayout toolbar swipe mode disabled (5.0+). Custom Tab method added to each fragment.
V6 - Test if Gradle rendering bug is artifical. Check menu rendering padding and dot placement on Frag 1. Check dot exists and that listview padding in place post rendering.
V5 - Now have a central menu and 4 swipeable pages. Splash screen with artificial delay on start up. Rendering working but image bug still exists. Padding may be required on menu items
V4 - Splash loading screen added. Need to check focus is brought back correctly.  Added auto move to Frag 2 which should force UI rendering after JSON data processed async.

Jack Joynson,
3 Apr 2017, 01:59