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Additional Button Program

This code allows you to add coloured buttons to the small basic graphics window. It is free to download at the bottom of the page. Navigate to the help page if you need help unzipping the folder.
The code has to be included at the top of any program and requires NO installation or .dll Library editing.
Terms and conditions of using this program are included in the program code. I have included these terms and conditions to stop people from copying this program and taking credit for it.
Please note: Mouse.move and Mouse.down Subroutines become disabled when using this code unless you edit the codes subroutines, please contact me if you need help doing so. Button outputs must be put in the subroutine at the bottom of the page by checking the index button array values. Your program must start from the WriteProgram subroutine. Button settings can be changed at any time in your program by setting the variable values which can be found in the code above. Buttons do not contain text you will have to add it manually using the shapes.addtext and shapes.setopacity if you wish to add text that follows the button settings
Additional Button
Jack Joynson Software,
5 Aug 2013, 02:24