Hi, my name is Jack Joynson; I am an MSci physics undergraduate at the University of Birmingham. This page contains a small write up about myself and what I get upto!

A copy of my latest CV is available at the bottom of this page, any questions please email me:  

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Qualifications and Awards:

MSci Physics (University of Birmingham) first year results: First achieved in every module, average grade 83%.

A Level results: A*A*A*A* in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. 

GCSE’s: Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), Physics (A), English Language (A), Business Studies (A), Computing (A), Graphic Product (A), English Literature (B), Latin (C) and Religious Education Short Course (A). 

Siemens Greenpower digital award 2016; Certified LabVIEW associate developer; Commendation in the British physics Olympiad; ICT Function Skills Level 2; UKMT Mathematics Challenge- Gold, Silver and Bronze; Language Leaders Award for Latin; My schools award for the wider use of ICT, best A level results and best physicist; Silver STEM award; The University of Birmingham A level results scholarship; Full and Clean UK drivers license. 
Both cars at Bedford


I have had a range of experience with a selection of Programming Languages which are listed in the table below:
Programming Language: Experience:
C++ and embedded C. I have had a range of experience with C++, and a smaller exposure to embedded C - During my time with the Greenpower team I have helped develop code for a battery discharge rig which uses an 'Arduino' microcontroller to regulate the discharge. I have helped upgrade the script controlling the discharge rig in order that the program started logging the total number of amphours that the battery had before discharge. I also created a C# front end for the program - this acted as a control panel for the user to monitor and modify the battery discharge. During work experience at a software engineering department I worked with a microcontroler made by the company which involved working with embedded C to control components and sensors on the controller. 
I have also completed a semester long C++ course as part of my degree which was focused around numerical modeling of real world scenarios and data taken from experiments performed by academics from Birmingham University. I am waiting on my grade for my final project however I am predicted a grade of between 96%-100%.

 C# and WPFI am currently doing an eleven week placement at Renishaw again this summer - This year I am working in the System Verification and Integration Group which has so far mainly involved programming a C# (and WPF) application which runs inside a Renishaw application. The application had already been started by another employee however the majority of the program did not work; I have already learnt a great deal working in this group because I have had to learn to work from someone else's code - the size of the application has also meant I have had to do a huge amount of debugging. The program involves the 3D modelling of CAD models and fitting primitives around them.
I have also used C# in the 3D multiplatform Unity games I have recently been developing. 
HTML and JS I have recently completed courses in HTML, JS and CSS and have been putting this to use to generate a new web app. It is still being developed at the moment but the basic idea is to allows students to review houses. This project has been very beneficial to me in that I have experience with HTML5, JS and CSS3 as well as server side technology. This web app uses a JSON server with OAUTH authentication with Facebook and Google for security. 
Python I was tasked with creating a Python enviroment which would allow the logic of a large precompiled C# program to be edited using a simple text editor duing one of my summer placements - I used the IronPython (.Net implementation of Python) to imbed a Python interepretter engine within C# to complete this project.
I was introduced a class project during my GCSE Computing course I learnt the basics of the language including syntax and basic commands. Following this I created the basic guides listed on this site. A
 VBA and Office Interops During my latest summer placement I was tasked with improving a large VBA project (Embedded within Excel), which analysed data from machine connected to a network, so that it could perform multiple different types of analysis at the same time. I decided to make use of the Office interops avaible for .Net to produce a C# WPF application which served as a control panel and automated the VBA analysis and reported the Excel findings to Word. Not only did my program allow for the multiple analysis to be performed, it also made the process significantly easier for anyone to use and much much quicker - in some circumstances an entire morning of work could be automated and setup in less than a minute potentially saving nearly hundreds of hours over a year.
MS Basic Microsoft's Small Basic is a high level programming language designed for beginners, it is similar to Visual Basic in some aspects and has a pretty printer for ease of use. I was taught to program in MSB during my GCSE Computing course, and used it for my assessed coursework - I achieved an A* for my high level coursework which included a calculator program, recipe storage program and a hangman game. (I also achieved an A* for my low level machine code coursework). I have a few MSB tutorials on this website, and on my YouTube channel - but also have a few free program to download and enjoy. I have well over 100 programs which I have not uploaded, including virtual operating systems, to physics simulation programs to a few basic games however many need more time than I can spare to be at a bug free stage ready to upload.
 Matlab I have completed a semester long course (as part of my first year) on Matlab - Generating graphical and numerical simulation programs based on real world physics problems. I was awarded 96% in this module.
Java I have had a medium level of experience with Java - this has almost exclusively been in writing the Android apps which are available on this site. The Greenpower HUD app I produced is by far the largest - It incorporates GPS, bluetooth, data logging, live processing, and TTS.
 LabVIEW I have had a small amount of experience with LabVIEW but have also completed the Certified LabVIEW associate developer (CLAD) course which I passed with a high percentage on my first attempt.

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